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26 марта 2023
Concert of Luka Gadelia and Christina Eshba in the Small Hall of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory
  • March 28:
    Concert by Luka Gadelia and Kristina Eshba “Masterpieces of the Epochs. Organ and Voice. Moscow Conservatory. Moscow. 07.00 pm.
Quote of the day
  • Fazil Iskander:
    How often smart people do not understand conscientious people. The apparatus of conscience is finer than the apparatus of the mind.

Important date

  • April 4 (1927):
    The SSR of Abkhazia, by virtue of a special treaty, is part of the Georgian SSR, and through it into the Transcaucasian Federation.
  • April 6 (1963):
    Aslan Bzhania, President of the Republic of Abkhazia, was born.
  • April 7 (1960):
    death of People's poet of Abkhazia D.I. Gulia.
  • April 14 (2010):
    D. Tsargush won the title of European champion in freestyle wrestling.
  • April 15:
    International Day of Culture.
  • April 15 (1941):
    the Abkhaz State Philharmonic was established.