This project will tell about bright, famous, talented and successful representatives of the Abkhaz diaspora.

How do these people live, how did they achieve their success, how did they maintain and maintain contact with their homeland, and what do Abkhaz roots mean to them

 Project goals:

To form an idea of Abkhazia as an open, dynamically developing country

To form the image of Abkhazia in the world community as a country with deeply formed attributes of statehood

Make the Abkhaz diaspora in the world a more active resource in the issues of comprehensive support and development of Abkhazia

Strengthen and raise the prestige of Abkhazian values among compatriots outside Abkhazia

To cultivate and strengthen in the representatives of the diaspora a feeling of Abkhaz self-identification, a sense of pride in belonging to the oldest ethnocultural Abkhaz people

Project tasks:

To acquaint the world community with prominent representatives of the Abkhaz diaspora, who left a significant mark in the history and modern life of Abkhazia

To promote and spread knowledge among the Russian and foreign public about Abkhazia, its place in history and international life through the faces and activities of its prominent representatives.



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