Fazil Iskander

Fazil Iskander

Abkhaz and Russian writer, Soviet and Russian novelist and poet

Год рождения: March 6, 1929
Fazil Iskander - a world-famous writer - a classic philosopher, sage. He remains impeccable reputation with consistently high ethical position in society over several generations. Fazil Iskander was born March 6, 1929 in Sukhum, the son of an Iranian - the owner of a brick factory. In 1938 his father Fazil was expelled from the Soviet Union; future writer took the education of relatives of the mother. He finished school in Abkhazia. After high school, Fazil Iskander entered the Moscow Library Institute, but in 1951 was transferred to the Literary Institute. Gorky, graduating in 1954. In 1954-1956 he worked as a journalist in Bryansk (the newspaper "Komsomolets Bryansk") and Kursk (newspaper "Kursk truth"). In 1956 he moved to Sukhum, Abkhazia became an editor at the department of the State Publishing House, where he worked until the early 1990s. The first collection of poems, Iskander, "Alpine trails", was released in Russian in 1957 in Sukhumi. He began writing fiction in 1962 published in the journal "Literary Abkhazia", "Youth", "New World", "Week". Fazil Iskander - winner of numerous awards, including the Pushkin Prize (1993) and the award "Triumph" (1999). He lives in Moscow.