Festival of Abkhazia in Moscow

Festival of Abkhazia in Moscow Festival of Abkhazia in Moscow

The day of September 30 for all Abkhaz is a holiday that embodies the freedom and independence of our Abkhazia. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the victory of Abkhazia in the Patriotic War of 1992-1993.

It is to this event that our open festival of Abkhaz culture in Russia is dedicated. This is an amazing event, and because it has never happened before, and because the Abkhaz live in Moscow there are hardly more than five thousand.

For many, Abkhazia is the Black Sea, beautiful nature and tasty mandarins. In fact, everything, of course, is much more interesting. What is "Apsny"? In translation from Abkhazian this word means "Country of the soul". This is how the Abkhaz themselves call their small country, and just like that, we are sure that our holiday will turn out - original, beautiful and very spiritual.

In the program of the Festival there will be many dances, songs, delicious food, traditions and ceremonies of Abkhazia archaic. But there will be modern Abkhazia, there will be film screenings of works by young directors, lectures, master classes, the Abkhaz language school, fair, outdoor games and much more.

The program is updated and supplemented every day. More information about the Festival and about Abkhazia, original and modern, you can find out on our website and on the Facebook page of the Festival https://www.facebook.com/AbkhazDiasporaMsk/

Come on holiday! We will be very glad to see you.

With love,
team of the Festival of Abkhazia in Moscow "Apsny"