National forum "Strategy-2025" starts on June 2 in Abkhazia

National forum "Strategy-2025" starts on June 2 in Abkhazia June 2d, the First National Forum "Strategy-2025" on "How to ensure the growth of the economy of Abkhazia?" will be held in the Congress Hall of Abkhaz State University in Sukhum, which will start a series of thematic forums.

Earlier, on March 25 in Moscow, representatives of foreign Abkhaz diaspora adopted a joint appeal, in which they initiated the holding of national forums.

The key objective of the forums is to create a program of actions supported by the broad social forces and to start implementing it. The elaboration of a national strategy will allow us to proceed to a well-thought-out and gradual implementation of the long-term tasks of the development of Abkhazia.

As a central report, the forum will present "The Program for the Economic Development of Abkhazia" 25 Steps to Develop the Economy of the Republic of Abkhazia to 2025 ", which was developed by the Russian consulting company  "StrategyPartnersGroup "together with employees of executive authorities of Abkhazia and representatives of the Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora.

Representatives of veteran, public and political organizations, trade unions and compatriots, entrepreneurs and scientists, government officials and representatives of the media community, elders and creative intelligentsia, young leaders of Abkhazia, all interested compatriots are invited to participate in the forum.

The event is organized by the Moscow Abkhazian Diaspora with the support and participation of the World Congress of the Abkhaz-Abazin people, the Turkish Abkhaz Diaspora and the Abkhaz State University.

Official website: www.strategy2025-abkhazia.com

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E-mail: abh.strategy2025@gmail.com

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         +7 (940) 774 18 03