Abkhaz language day!

Abkhaz language day! Dear compatriots! We congratulate you on the  Abkhaz language day! Let's talk today only in Abkhaz! Ask your friends to say a few words in Abkhaz!

In 2007 at the congress in the city of Antwerp (Belgium), the heads of the Abkhaz diaspora, the date of October 27 was established as the Day of the Abkhaz language. Annually Abkhaz language day is celebrated in Abkhazia and in all Abkhaz diaspora of the world.

The Abkhaz language is one of the most ancient languages ​​of the world. Its design into an independent began in the bowels of the Praabhazo-Adyghe language, after the collapse of which the Abkhaz develops independently. As the development of the ancient Abkhaz language was divided into many dialects, representing the language of related tribes.