Victory Day celebration

Victory Day celebration On September 30, Moscow hosted a meeting of the Abkhaz diaspora in honor of the victory of Abkhazia in the war of 1992-1993.

At the gala evening on September 30 in Moscow was presented photo exhibition of war photographs by Ramin Kadjaya first published September 29, 2014 on the photo exhibition "Time to Remember" organized by «A-mobail» Company.

Part of the photographs for the photo exhibition were provided by "A-Mobile"  Company to Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora especially in the evening, dedicated to Victory Day on September 30 in Moscow.

Unique shots taken on the Eastern Front during the War in Abkhazia, they were kept in the personal archive of the author of more than 20 years. In 2014, Ramin Kajaia presented them to "A- mobail" Company

Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora expressed gratitude to the “A-mobail” Company for their support and assistance.