Dear compatriots!

Dear compatriots! We congratulate you on the occasion of Nanhua! - Holiday of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

One of four lots of the Mother of God on earth is Abkhazia. Abkhaz with a special love revere the Mother of God (Anpskha). And in the old days Abkhaz deeply revered image of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Athos monastery presented in honor of the Assumption of the Mother of God Nikopea Abkhaz (Pobedonositsy).

According to legend, the predecessor of this icon saved Abkhaz from certain death in the year 736 at the walls of the fortress Anakopia. On the eve of the decisive battle with Arabs Abkhazian soldiers led by the king of Leon I prayed the whole night kneeling before an icon of the Virgin Mary - Nikopea, so she gave them the strength to overcome malicious infidels. Legend has it that the night itself the Mother of God descended from heaven, illuminating the foothills and valleys, and called on the Abkhaz fight with the enemy, relying on her protection. Abkhaz were strengthened in spirit, fought and won.

The country has built many temples in honor of the Virgin Mary.

One of the most famous - church in Ldzaa, near Pitsunda (Anan Ldzaanyh).

On medieval maps of Abkhazia marks the spot of Santa Sofia, is the territory of the present village Alahadzy (Gagra district), where there was a temple of God.

Name of the Virgin and is one of the oldest cathedrals in the country village of Myku Ochamchira district, dating back to the X century.

In the district of Gudauta - Lykhny Church of the Assumption of Our Lady, built at the turn of the X-XI centuries. Temple throughout its thousand-year history has been subjected to a major restructuring and has retained its original appearance.

We offer you the video material telling about this holiday http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehQiausxJrQ