Dear compatriots!

The board of the Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora calls on you to support the charity fund "Park of Freedom", established by the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Abkhazia for charitable activities to help the Administration of the city of Sukhum in the landscaping of the park area and make their own personal contribution to the this project.

For more information about the Fund you can see in the attached letter – appeal from the Chamber of Commerce to Moscow Abkhaz diaspora.

We thank you for the help and support of the Foundation.

Details of the account to transfer funds.

Beneficiary Bank: KB "Interkommerts" (LLC), Moscow

Cor / MF number 30101810100000000626

BIC 044585626

Recipient: INN 7704045650


CB "Amra-Bank"

Payment: To be admitted to the account of the charity fund "Park of Freedom»

1143016 INN by №40703810700000000034.

Yours faithfully,

Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora