Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora is launching a new version of the site

Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora is launching a new version of the site. It is a modernized information resource designed to publicize the events and activities of the Abkhazian diaspora in Moscow. It is equipped with a vast array of material about the life of the Diaspora, its well-known representatives, Abkhaz Students' Associations, as well as the activities of foreign Diasporas. The site is created in three languages: Abkhaz, Russian and English. Another innovation - its integration into all social networks.

"The new site Moscow Abkhaz diaspora - a modern, technically resource - says Beslan Agrba, head of the Moscow Abkhaz diaspora. It not only offers a fairly significant amount of material, but also intended to be a consolidation of all of the Abkhaz diaspora information platform, which will facilitate our compatriots living in Moscow in the field of education, employment, studying of Abkhaz language, the history of Abkhazia "

Here, in addition to expert articles will accumulate all sorts of information: historical information about Abkhazia and its attractions, special projects of the Diaspora, operational news, photo and video materials, contests and polls. Section "Special Projects" is intended not only to describe the most interesting projects, but also to involve in them representatives of the Abkhaz diaspora. It will also be activated and block aid and support. Development, design, style and architectural features of the site owned by developer Lasha Lazba and Inal Corsaya.

We appreciate your feedback on our new website.