Celebration dedicated to the first "Miss Universe" - KERIMAN Halis Ece (EBZHNOU), was held on 23 July, on VDNKH, in Moscow, in the pavilion "Abkhazia."

Celebration dedicated to the first "Miss Universe" - KERIMAN Halis Ece (EBZHNOU), was held on 23 July, on VDNKH, in Moscow, in the pavilion "Abkhazia." "This is the first event organized in the framework of the new project of Moscow Abkhaz diaspora " Faces of the Diaspora: From history to modernity "- says Agrba Beslan, Moscow Head of the Abkhaz diaspora. Such meetings allow in a very warm and friendly atmosphere to bring the Abkhaz culture, its history in the faces of our outstanding representatives. We plan to continue to hold interesting meetings in various formats together with the Abkhaz diaspora in other countries, are familiar with the outstanding representatives of the diaspora and their achievements. "

Among the honored presented : Chairman of the Presidium of the Russian Congress of Peoples of the Caucasus Totorkulov Ali , representative of the Turkish-Abkhazian diaspora writer, public figure and ethnographer Makhinur Papba, representative of Abkhazian diaspora Nihat Leyba, as well as representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Abkhazia, Ossetian community, Abaz and the Chechen diaspora in Moscow. Russian and Abkhazian media covered the event.

The evening program included an exhibition of rare photos provided by the Abkhazian diaspora in Turkey and the Ministry of Culture and Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage of Abkhazia, as well as the personal project - a video of Roman Labiya dedicated to Keriman Halis Ece. (Ebzhnou).

A pleasant surprise was a special video greeting from family of Keriman Halis Ece (Ebzhnou) sent via the Turkish guests, who arrived in Moscow to participate in the event.

The evening became a celebration of Abkhazia womanhood, national costume and beauty. In honor of the first "Miss Universe" fashion show by talented Abkhaz designers were held; Madonna Argun, Schazina Aguhaa, Rasida Lakoba, Irma Papaskiri and Hamida Tsveiba presented their fashion collections.

The event was organized by the Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora with the International Cultural and Business Center of the Republic of Abkhazia (MKDTS RA) and the initiative group of the Abkhazian diaspora in Turkey «GUASE» with the support of Ministry of Culture of Abkhazia, the Mission of the Republic of Abkhazia in Istanbul (Turkey), the Abkhazian Cultural Center Istanbul, Turkey).

The head of the Moscow Abkhaz diaspora Beslan Agrba expresses its sincere gratitude to all members of the organizing committee for preparing and holding the event at a high level, so the evening was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere.