Abkhazian State Drama Theatre. S. Chanba will present plays in Moscow

Tour of the Abkhazian State Drama Theatre. S. Chanba will be held in Moscow on 18 and 19 September 2015 on the scene of the Moscow Theater Et Cetera. The theater will present two performances of "The Suicide" play by N. Erdman and "Mad Money" play by Alexander Ostrovsky, which put the artistic director of the Abkhaz theater, Honored Artist of the Republic of Abkhazia V. Cove. Cast: S. Sangulia, D. Aruhadze, Kokoskeriya S., L. Ahban A. Malia, dBar R., K. Tsimtsba, Azhiba G., B. Pachaliya, Harzaliya R., N. Lakoba, A. Jenny L. Hishba, M.Chichba, T.Gamgiya, R.Taniya, S. Gabnia, L.Ahba.

Artistic director of the Abkhazian State Drama Theatre. S. Chanba Valery Cove reported that these works were selected for the tour for two reasons: these performances will be first shown in Moscow and for the Abkhaz theater interesting to present in Russian classics in Moscow.

After each performance will be shown excerpts from a single artistic decision from the repertoire of the Abkhaz Drama Theatre. "In total, we will show 7 - 8 excerpts from performances, some of which have been restored in the current repertoire of the theater, and some yet to capital renewal," - said Cove.

The tour will be supported by the Ministry of Culture and Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage of Abkhazia and the Russian Ministry of Culture.

The premiere of the play "The Suicide" was held at the Abkhazian State Drama Theatre 25 May 2000. The performance was a participant in the international theater festival "Scene at the crossroads - 2000" in Plovdiv (Bulgaria), "Scene without borders" national theaters in the North Caucasus republics in Vladikavkaz (cum director V. Cove "for originality and daring interpretation") and the International Theatre Festival in Sibiu (Romania) in 2005.

Performances are in the Abkhaz language with translation.