Contemporary art exhibition «One Way» by artist Mary Piliya opens in Moscow

Contemporary art exhibition «One Way» by artist Mary Piliya opens in Moscow From 18 to 30 August in Moscow with the support of the Abkhazian diaspora in Moscow will host an exhibition of contemporary art «One Way» by Maria Pilia. The personal exhibition of Maria Pilia will feature new works by the artist in the style of contemporary art. The exposition will be held at the modern exhibition hall "Tvinholl" in the center of Moscow. Maria Piliya born in Sukhum in 1982. For 10 years she lived and studied in Moscow. Maria graduated from MGAHI, and from the International School of Design with a degree in interior design. The founder of the art studio. Member of the Moscow Union of Artists and a member of the Artists' Union of Abkhazia, the founder of the art studio for children and adults. Her first exhibition was held in 2008. During this period, collection of the artist appeared dozens of new paintings in various styles and genres.
"I look forward, of course, like any artist recognition", - says Maria Pilia.

Step by step, this recognition comes to Mary. In her 33 she is a member of two professional associations of artists - Abkhazia and Moscow. The name of the young Abkhaz painter becomes more well-known in the circles of the acknowledged artists. "There are musicians who play quite a few things, and they have already looked through there style. A young artist should look. Maria - looking artist, and this is very good. Her age - twenty-something - that's youth, "- says the chairman of the Artists' Union of Abkhazia Adgur Dzidzaria.

August 30 15:00 - the official closing of the exhibition, buffet.
Dates Exhibition - August 18-30
Opening hours - from 10:00 to 21:00
Free admission
Location-1st Schipkovsky lane 4
Showroom «Twinhall»