23 July, On National day of Abkhaz Flag, on VDNKH, in Moscow will be held an evening devoted to the first "Miss Universe" - KERIMAN Halis Ece (EBZHNOU)

We are not accidental timed event to celebrate the symbol of Abkhazian statehood, the Day of National Flag. History of Keriman Halis Ece - one more reason to be proud of colorful history of our country and our people.

The evening will be a celebration of Abkhazia womanhood, national costume and beauty. In honor to the first "Miss Universe" will be held fashion show by Abkhaz talented fashion designers. Desire to participate confirmed designers Rasida Lakoba, Madonna Argun, Hamid Tsveiba, Schazina Aguhaa. The program promises to be very exciting and will include an exhibition of rare photographs of Keriman Halis Ece (Ebzhnou) provided by the Abkhazian diaspora in Turkey and the Ministry of culture and protection of historical and cultural heritage of Abkhazia.
The event will be held within the project of the Moscow Abkhaz diaspora "Faces of the Diaspora: From history to modern times." Evening organized by the Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora in cooperation with international cultural and business center of the Republic of Abkhazia (MKDTS RA) and the initiative group of the Abkhazian diaspora in Turkey «GUASE» with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Abkhazia, the Delegation of the Republic of Abkhazia in Istanbul (Turkey), Cultural Center of the Abkhazian Istanbul, Turkey).

The event will be held in an open area in front of the pavilion № 6 "Abkhazia" (ENEA), in Moscow, July 23, at 20:00.