On July 3, 1932 winner of the first beauty pageant, which took place in Belgium in Spa, has become Keriman Khalis Ese (nee Ebzhnou)

She was recognized as the best of the beauties from 28 countries. Today, July 3 is important date for Abkhaz people!

The first "Miss Universe" - Abkhazian origin. Keriman Khalis Ese represented Turkey, at a beauty contest in Belgium, becoming the "Miss Turkey» on 3 of June 1932 g, but her historical homeland was Abkhazia.

- We will always remember Keriman Khalis Ese, who successfully represented our country abroad, and was awarded by the great Turkish reformer, the first president of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Ataturk by surname Ece, which means "queen" - said Turkish President Abdullah Gul on the occasion of the death of "beauty queen".

Keriman Ese Khalis victory, in those days, was a landmark event both for Turkey to embark on the path of reform, and to the world. It received wide international response and had a significant impact on international diplomacy. The first Queen of the World Keriman Ese has become an icon of style and standard of beauty and intelligence.

Keriman Khalis was the second child of six children in a family of Khalis. Her uncle - the famous opera composer Mukhlis Sabbahttin and aunt -composer - Nevesser Kekdesch.

“I was one of those 28 girls and luck was by my side. They chose me.

What did I feel when I was chosen, journalist came to my hotel. There was a tremendous crowd in the entrance of my hotel yelling for me to come out.”

When Keriman returned home, a Turkish audience greeted her at the train station as a real queen. "When I returned, the station was full of people. All welcomed me. "

On his return, in her honor it was organized ball, where the first president of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Ataturk declared her queen. “I named you Ece (queen), does that make you happy?” – he said.” “Sir, you gave me the world, thank you”.

Keriman was the first and last of Turk, that was awarded with that title. In 2002, the title of "Miss World" was awarded the beauty of Turkey Azre Akin.