May 23 at the Moscow House of Nationalities will be presented the movie "Circassia. Adyghe Khabze" dedicated to the Memorial Day for Victims of Caucasus War, which ended May 21, 1864.

Movie  - Party of V-th International Festival of Muslim Cinema "Golden Minbar" (2009) Forum of filmmakers in Nalchik (2010)

The documentary introduces the Circassian etiquette - moral and ethical code of the Circassian people. From birth to funeral rites,  Adyghe habze regulate all aspects of society, moral support frame and operated business activities in Circassia. Through Code habze Circassians identity preserved for thousands of years and were consolidated in the most difficult moments of life. The documentary features beautiful national traditions and culture of the Circassians, to enable the viewer to get to know Adygei people.

Ancient rites and customs are recreated by filmmakers reconstruction.

18:00 Moscow House of Nationalities, m. Red Gate, Novy Basmannaya house 4, building 1

Prior to the show will be organized charity event with delicious national food distribution.

To take part in the action, or to come to the screening of the film, you will need to pre-register.

For the record and in all matters: Salina https://vk.com/idsalina07 and Laura +7 (968) 874-78-59