Dear compatriots!

Dear compatriots!

We invite you to support the Abkhazian fraternity at the 3rd annual festival's International "Let's build a friendship together," which will be held May 27 at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (PFUR)

For the first time in the festival Abkhazian fraternity will take part, which will present  Moldova and Abkhazia will be presented by Russia

International Festival "Let's build a friendship together" - the winner among festivals throughout Russia as the best project in 2014.

The idea is to present the culture of another country, to show their folk dance. The method of the draw students from different countries and republics fall another country, the national dance of which they must comply.

At last year's festival in one night, guests have visited 19 countries from Colombia to Tatarstan, from the Congo to Lithuania!

Beginning at 18:00

The assembly hall of the main building of PFUR

st. Maclay, 6