IDA Avidzba - BIOGRAPHY Ida Avidzba -she is 96 years old, she lives in Moscow. She was born on  April 16, 1919 in the village of Mokwa Ochamchira district in a peasant family. Early lost her  parents, Ida was raised in Sukhum boarding scholl. After school she worked as a technical secretary in the newspaper "Apsny Kapsch." In november 1942  she came to Sukhum military enlistment . She decided to follow his three brothers - Shamil, Lad and Shali, which at that time had already fought in the Great Patriotic War. Volunteered for the front, she was sent to a nurse in the hospital evacuation of Tuapse. "Young girl was very hard. Sometimes working days. Not enough time to sleep. But, in spite of everything, she steadfastly and courageously coped with all its responsibilities, caring for wounded soldiers, "- said Esma Khagba after meeting with Ida Hurshitovna. Under the Tuapse district of Shaumyan village of fierce fighting. The Germans fired on from all sides, and the wounded were more and more. Pulling soldiers out of the fire, Ida received the first shrapnel wound, she bore the fighters to a safe place, and she lost consciousness. Because of the injuries she nearly lost her leg.

After recovering back in operation in the 1014-th separate company of the 18th Army of the North Caucasus Front. At the time of release of Uzhgorod she got a concussion. However, after forty days, she returned to service in the ranks of the defenders of the Homeland. Ida Avidzba partispated in battle for the Caucasus, the liberation of the Right-Bank Ukraine and Czechoslovakia. After a few injury demobilized. For courage and heroism in the battles against the Nazi invaders, Ida Avidzba awarded with the Order of the Red Star and World War II degree, medals "For defense of the Caucasus", "For Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945." and the Medal of Georgy Zhukov.

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